viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

How green I am

Hi there. Well, as we have to talk about how green do we are, I must start saying that I don’t really know if I am an ecological person or if I have a highly developed environmental consciousness ; I mean that I think that we can always do more than we actually do by trying to be a greener person.
Nowadays, I have some behaviors that are less contaminants and harmful than others, but I don’t know if that makes me a green person. In the possible, I constantly try to recycle plastic objects and glassware in a container closer to my house. Also, I prefer walk on foot or ride a bicycle instead of drive a car –because I don’t have a car-. Another behavior that it may considered as an ecological one is to avoid littering the street, and in this case I also try not to do it and I’m pretty insistent with my friends or family about it. Respect at water care, I’m also very careful and I don’t use it in unnecessary purposes or in absurd amounts. Respect at sheet, I try in the possible to reuse it and to not to buy more than the necessary; the same thing with the plastic bags, I try to avoid it.
Well, I’m totally agreed with the development of environmental politics, but I’m not too involved in the matter; however I try in the possible to decrease and avoid the possibilities of contamination or pollution, but, as I say before, I don’t think that it makes me a greener person, because that are minimal behaviors for environmental care.

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