viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Music, movies and books

As the topic at this blog is a free theme, I’m going to talk about things that I like respect at movies, music and books, principally. Respect at books, I like a lot the Latin-American writers, for example, I like a lot José Saramago who is a Portuguese writer; the book that I like most of Saramago is “Ensayo sobre la ceguera”. I also like a lot Julio Cortázar; “Los premios” and “Rayuela” are my favorite books of him. About Chileans writer, the one that I like most is José Donoso, and the books of him that I have enjoy most are ”Coronación”, “El obsceno pájaro de la noche” y “Casa de campo”.
Apropos of music, my musical taste is quite varied, but I like a lot British music, and my very favorite bands are The Beatles and Pink Floyd. However, I also enjoy a great deal the latin-american singing.
Respect at movies, I have a lot of favorites of it. The directors that I like and enjoy most are David Lynch (director of “Blue Velvet”, “Lost highway”, “Mulholland drive”), Stanley Kubrick (“Eyes wide shut”, “The Shining”, “Full Metal Jacket”) Quentin Tarantino (my favorite movie of him is “Pulp fiction”), Wim Wenders and Kim Ki-Duk. I also like the directors –and the movies of their- that were part of the movement which in France is known as Nouvelle Vague: the French New Wave.

Greetings! =)

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