viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

The Guardian: "Memories are made of this". Simon Garfield.

Hi there! This is my post about an article of The Guardian. Teacher! sorry for the delay =(
The next article is about Alzheimer, which is actually considered the “disease of our times”.  By the author, Simon Garfield, this disease has strongly entered in our culture, and it's clearly present in our everyday language, mainly in jokes about memory.
The more visible, disturbing and feared symptom of the Alzheimer is the severe memory loss. In this aspect, psychologists have say before that “we are our memories”; and this affirmation can be seen clearly in this disease. Actually, there are a lot of knowledges about the brain function, and this scientific advance it maybe will help at the future: “and we are now able to pinpoint its decline and hint at its repair”. In fact, pharmaceutical industry is hardly working in the creation of drugs with components that has several influence in the brain, with respect to neurotransmitters, hippocampus, connecting cells of the brain and enzymes, mainly. By now, these drugs have been experimented in animals, principally, monkeys and dogs.
At the moment, there is no a certainly cure for the Alzheimer, but there is advanced studies and investigations about several things that have an influence in the condition of the disease.
I invite you to read the next piece of news:. Let’s hope that in the future, researchers can find a cure: 

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  1. Oh, I saw a beautiful movie in the past week "Lejos de ella". This movie talk about a life a elderly with this illness.