jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

My future job

Well, I don’t like too much this topic because I’m not sure of my answer; I would like to do many things, and therefore, there are different types (very different types) of jobs in which I would can deal.
After this semester, I will have my license of Psychologist, and after that, in the fifth year of the career, I will have the possibility of coursed a postgraduate, which I have to choose, and I’m also not very sure of what to choose. Besides, in the next year I have to do my professional practice, so, through that instance I expect to be surer about the job opportunities and also surer of my decision.
I think that I’d like to have a kind of job relating to the community, but focused on clinical work, in this sense, I’m closer of Systemic Clinic, but with a more general focus, I mean, focused in the community, as I say before.
At the moment I have to choose a job I will consider aspects like that the tasks that I may be assigned have any real value; I also will consider the formality of the work and the relation with co-workers. That are the principal aspects that I surely consider; ajaja I'm probably too picky.
In a hypothetic job interview situation, If I am asked about my straightness and weakness, I would say that I'm quite committed with tasks (even more if I really, really like my work) and I don´t give up easily. About my weakness, I would say that when I get bad results, in occasions I get frustrated.
Well, let´s hope that the labor reality doesn´t be to different of our imaginary =)

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  1. Dani let's hope everything turns out all right in your future job...