miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

English Language Challenges

Hi There =) Well, to start, I must declare that I really like English, and I also like to be able to express myself in others languages different of the Spanish, in this regard, I appreciate the possibility of learn other languages.
Respect at this course, I have learned a lot, and I think that the activities that most help me in the task of learn English, is to write in the blog, because in it I have the possibility to freely express myself in this language. Regarding at the blog, I think that is one of the more useful teaching method that is actually used in the course.
I think that the aspect of my English which are actually the weakest are listening, pronunciation and conjugation of verbs, especially in the spoken language, because in this dimension of the language are my biggest difficulties with English. Respect at other aspects of the English learning, like reading and writing, I think that they are not so bad, but equally still much to be improve. Respect at how to improve this deficiencies, I think that the more informal methods to learn English and those that can be done from the comfort of home, are the most significant and effective in the task of learn English.
At the present time, I do use English outside the classes, but mostly in everyday and trivial tasks, as for example while watching movies or listening music. Besides, once in a while, I have to read some text or book in English, either as part of academic development or for any other reason. So, even when I’m not in class of English, there are several and multiple opportunities to exercise and practice using the English language (And also, this about doing the blogs outside class hours, forces me to use English outside the classes jajaja).

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  1. Dani the English is our trouble... XD
    we could see movies together for learn the language!!

  2. Is truth that write or read in another language is not so difficult, the problem is when we have to speak in another language, is good to know that I’m not the only one that have problems with that